As a narrow gauge railway specialist, Peter Dennis works closely with a number of the local "Great Little Trains" companies, producing artwork for publicity, souvenirs and planning, as well as supplying photography for postcard, guidebook and promotional use. He also provides art services to other rail-related companies and local tourist industries.

North Wales is the place for heritage narrow gauge railway lines. It was an international pioneer in this field. Locomotives and rolling stock from as far back as the mid 19th Century have been perfectly restored for continued use today. Whilst much of Peter's work with these lines is to keep them competetive in the fiercly contested tourist market, he also appreciates them as subjects for fine art. Indeed, his first solo exhibition, was of scraperboards featuring locomotives, whilst in his mid teens. The swirl of steam and stylish detail of Victorian engineering, set against the backdrop of the North Wales mountains, is certainly a stirring sight.

Ffestiniog Railway loco BlancheFairlie Double Engine in old shed









Quarry Hunslets host



Shay logging loco in snow


Still, it's not all serious work though and over many years Peter has also been accepted as the cartoon biographer of events on the world famous Ffestiniog Railway. A role "formalised" recently with a request from their archivist, for copies to form the Company's unofficial history!

This line was noted for its overcomplex signals and points systems



Many of these railways were built to serve the slate industry and the awesome quarries and their industrial archaeology provide inviting subjects for Peter's paintings. Although some of the mines are now closed, the vast waste tips, derelict buildings and scars left behind on the mountains, define the area and stand as a silent tribute to the many miners and their families who suffered great hardships to roof the world.

Cloud on the quarry face

Derelict Ruston diesel engine












Maenofferen Slate Mine train





Old Slate Quarry Barracks



The moody, atmospheric, slate quarry environment sometimes gives Peter an excuse to escape the constraints of his more usual "Realist" work and delve into alternative methods of expression.

Choughs in the old quarry 












Flooded quarry pit 




 Maenofferen weighbridge










 Slate Quarry scene in the 19th Century






Welsh slate quarry adit