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A long term student of the ancient history and archaeology of North Wales, Peter sometimes draws on these influences in his art. Much of the area's early history has been handed down in legend through the Welsh language and in early texts. Until recently,  "The Dark Ages" was a commonly used term to describe the post-Roman era but through careful analysis and new technology we are sometimes able to shed some light on these and even earlier times. Sensible research is of course the only way to separate fact from fiction and avoid a distorted view of history. However, in art, we have the freedom to explore legendary Wales, unshackled by the constraints of fact.

Firefight-dragon battle




Peter has created much artwork to meet commercial design specifications. Originating new and innovative imagery for clients, to help their own customers empathise with a product, business, or idea, is one of the interesting challenges.

Environmental CD design


 Llechwedd Slate Caverns


 Logo for Tir Na Nog shops


Perceived wisdom often suggests that having one style and sticking to it, is the safe option for an artist but such a restrictive approach would not offer enough flexibility for the wide diversity of commissions taken on. It also makes life boring for a creative mind. Peter enjoys working with a variety of styles and materials. Whilst some trademark characteristics shine through much of his work, Peter always likes the challenge of new and varied commissions.

Sometimes a job requires faithful realism, while another may be better served with a more impressionistic style. A good counterpoint to the accurate realism required by some work, is a more "fast and loose" style, often employing watercolour to capture a fleeting image.


Durham Cathedral 

Street hustle 90s LeedsLlyn Padarn, Llanberis